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  • The 5 Ways to Win at Life

    It’s no secret, kids love dance! On top of the great social, fitness and coordination skills your child is learning from their weekly dance class, they are also learning serious life skills that will help them truly WIN at life.

    Read below for ways we see our little dancers winning. Read what our Director, Chantel Runting, says about her own view and experience in the professional world of dancers #winning!

    1. Confidence & Self Esteem

    Dancing at an early age empowers kids to express themselves in a fun, safe and supported way. If you help a child develop the foundations of physicality and self- expression early on they will naturally have more confidence.

    2. Learn Discipline and Hard Work

    Calling all employees! Bosses can hire a dancer with confidence, for dancers are all-in, and they don’t understand what “half-time” actually means. They’ll do everything full out and to their best potential. 100%, all the time.

    3. See the World Through a Thousand Different Eyes

    Not literally, but many dancers are more open and understanding to the world around them. The dance community is filled with all sorts of races and sexualities. Exposure to this variety and diversity on a level playing field shows kids that it’s cool to build relationships with all sorts of people. Learning different dance, music and art styles opens our little ones eyes and minds, improving their cultural awareness. At Dance Addicts, this is at the forefront of our teaching. We are proud to offer a supportive community that is expressive and open. A place where they can reach for the moon.

    4. Experience Joy on Another Level, for Dancers are Fun to be Around

    Dancing has many physical, social and mental benefits. It is like taking a daily vitamin for joy. Dancers get overhyped when they hear a song they love…much to the amusement of everyone around them. They can’t help but move to the beat when they hear the music. It is an inbuilt mechanism.

    5. Community, Teamwork & Lifelong Friends

    Intense focus and common goals creates a great environment for kids to develop lifelong friends. Coupled with the self-expression and creative outlet that dance provides, strong bonds are created between students which often grow into life-long friendships. At Dance Addicts, one of our core values is fostering our community to encourage teamwork.