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  • Kids Ballet & Hip Hop Lessons | South Morang Dance School & Classes

    A Dance School for South Morang’s Aspiring Performers

    Discover how much more beautiful life in motion could be. If your child is interested in learning to dance, give them the best start possible with help from the experienced teachers at Dance Addicts. We focus on more than technical ability, and strive to create a beautiful, nurturing environment that fosters a lifelong love of dance. Allowing each child to determine their own path, we help them achieve their version of success, giving them the freedom to express themselves.

    We want to make learning to dance accessible to more people, so we keep the cost of our dance lessons and our costumes affordable. Everyone should have the chance to see how it feels to dance beautifully, and thanks to Dance Addicts, more people across the north can. Start a conversation today to find out how we could help your child.

    The perfect introduction to the beauty of dance

    Whatever your child’s interests, our school offers dance lessons to suit. From kids’ ballet lessons to hip hop, lyrical dance and even acrobatics, Dance Addicts offers a complete range of programs designed to get them moving. We want to do more than educate children – our school wants to welcome your child into a community of like-minded little dancers, ensuring they have the peer support and encouragement they need to go further than ever before.

    Dance is also an exceptional choice for athletes looking to increase their precision, core strength and muscle control, serving as a great form of cross-training for disciplines as diverse as yoga, martial arts, gymnastics and water sports. Strengthen your body and discipline your mind with help from our instructors.

    Something for every age and style of dancer

    Help your child become the dancer they want to be. Allow our instructors to help them chart their own course and set their own goals, developing the skills and working in the styles that interest them.

    Discuss your needs with one of our teachers today by calling +(61) 03 9028 7645 or 0402 455 773, or send us a message via email at admin@danceaddicts.com.au and we’ll be happy to answer your questions.